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Universal Fireplace Blowers and Stove Fans

Add a blower for extra warmth or replace an existing blower!
This professional grade tangential blower is commonly used to help distribute heat from fireplaces and stoves. These are extremely quiet (1.4 Sones) and won't be heard over a crackling fire. It is small enough to fit where the fan would go on most fireplace units. Simply wire in or add a power cord and you are all set. Use it to push heat away from your fireplace or stove and to where it can be enjoyed!

Fireplace Blower Illustration Fireplace Blower Support Information
  • Fits most fireplaces. Works across dozens of fireplace makes and models

  • Measure your blower space and compare with blower dimensions

  • No specific fireplace cross reference

  • Blower pulls room-air in through lower grates of fireplace

  • Warms air up as it passes behind the firebox & discharges heated air through upper and side grates

FB1 & FB2 Fireplace Blower
FB1 - Blower Only (P/N 950-3306)


FB2 - Blower Only (P/N 950-3307)

FB1-Deluxe (P/N FB10DLX)
Blower with Pre-Installed Adjustable Temperature
Activation Switch, Speed Control & Power Cord

FB2-Deluxe (P/N FB15DLX)
Blower with Pre-Installed Adjustable Temperature
Activation Switch, Speed Control & Power Cord



Note: These universal blowers fit a variety of fireplace manufacturer's models. Use the dimensions below to determine compatibility. The blower motor is standard so if it fits in your fireplace, it will function properly.

Dimensions - FB1
(As Pictured)
Height  4" Voltage 115 VAC
Width 10" Motor RPM 1800
Depth 3" Motor Watts 25
Operating Life 60,000 Hrs. Motor Amps .5 (max.)
CFM  75 Sones 1.4
Dimensions - FB2
(As Pictured)
Height 3.75" Voltage 115 VAC
Width 15" Motor RPM 1800
Depth 4.25" Motor Watts 30
Operating Life 60,000 Hrs. Motor Amps .5 (max.)
CFM  160 Sones 1.5
FB Series Blower Installation
HNG Series Blower Installation
gfk-160a  gfk-160a 
HNG Deluxe - 160 CFM Blower with
Temperature Activation Switch, Speed Control and Power Cord

HNG - 160 CFM Blower Only
Very similar to the units sold with Heat N Glo Fireplaces, this unit can be used on virtually any brand fireplace in which it physically can fit (When oriented as shown the unit is 13" wide, 4" tall and 4.5" deep). These are extremely quiet (less than 2 sones) and won't be heard over the fire crackling. Use it to push heat away from your fireplace or stove and to where it can be enjoyed!

Professional Grade Fireplace Blower with Magnetic Stabilization Base (160-180 CFM based on application, 3000 RPM, 1.13 Max Amps). Just connect the controls and slide the unit in place and you are all set!

Hot Shot 330 Fireplace Blower
330 CFM Blower with Adjustable Temperature Activation Switch,
Speed Control & Power Cord


With its PowerWedge™ design this professional grade blower will give your fireplace the extra flow it needs to heat quickly and cover larger spaces such as living rooms, great rooms, etc. Sturdy Galvanized Steel Frame. Includes vibration isolating pads for easy, secure installation. Wedge angle optimized for maximum performance. Sheet metal work and assembly done in the USA!

Everything is pre-wired and ready to plug in, so just slide the unit toward the back of your fireplace, plug the cord into the speed control, and plug the control into your outlet! Truly a 2 minute install! Use it to push heat away from your fireplace or stove and to where it can be enjoyed!

The unit is 15.25 inches wide, 3.75 inches tall and 5 inches deep.


Skytech 1315g Wireless Remote Control  Automatic Speed Control 
Power Cord Adjustable Thermal Activation Switch Switch-It Wireless 120V Outlet Automatic Electronic Speed Control
Kit includes 6 foot grounded power cord and wire nuts to easily make your fireplace blower "plug in" ready. Add a power cord to your blower in 3 minutes and without any tools! Wire in with your blower to activate it once the fireplaces gets warm and deactivate it once it gets cool. Attach to anywhere on the fireplace that gets hot. The economical way to turn your blower on/off as the fireplace heats up and cools down! Turn your blower on/off with this wireless remote control. Simply plug the receiver into your outlet and then your blower into the receiver. Good up to 80 feet and through walls. A reliable and simple way to control your blower without wiring in anything! Wires into the gas valve and blower to turn on the blower automatically 7 mins. after you turn on the fireplace, runs the blowers at any speed you set and then turns off the blower 12 mins. after the fireplace is turned off. Gets the most out of your fireplace and blower!

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