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Draft, Combustion Air, and Ventilation

Are you in search of high quality ventilation products at affordable prices?  While contractors are best served purchasing through our wholesale distributors, home owners can now buy directly from the factory! 

At Tjernlund Products, we have decades of industry expertise and a vast inventory of products for all of your ventilation needs.  With our help, you will quickly find the support or products you need for domestic or commercial ventilation needs.  The Tjernlund goal is to deliver a highly personalized service experience along with the best quality products in the industry.  Our history dates back to 1938 and we’ve had more than four generations of Tjernlund family at the helm, making us a family business with deep values.  Read more about the products and services you’ll find here.

The Tjernlund Retail Store offers:
  • XchangeR™ Reversible Basement Fans

  • UnderAire™ Crawl Space Fans and Vents

  • High Pressure Metal Inline Duct Fans

  • Hot Shot™ Universal Stove Blower

  • Radon VAC™ - Radon Mitigation Fan

  • Balance Booster™ Transfer Fan

  • High Pressure Plastic Inline Duct Fans

  • Auto-Draft® Fan for Fireplace Chimney

  • Dryer Duct Booster® Fans

  • AireShare™ Transfer Fans

  • Duct Booster® Duct Fans

  • Radon Ventilation Fans and Alarms

  • Auto-Draft® Fan for Wood Stoves

  • Fireplace and Stove Blowers

  • Fresh Air In-Forcer™

  • Radon Booster Fans

  • Other Fan Accessories

Ventilation and Air Transfer Fans      
Fresh Air In-Take

 Exhaust and Booster Fans
Register Booster Fans

 Fireplace and Stove Fans
Hot Shot Universal Stove Blower

 Radon Mitigation Fans and Alarms
Radon Mitigation Fans

Other Fans, Kits and Accessories

Tjernlund Products has an inventory Including:  

·         Ventilation Fans - Crawl space ventilation fans and basement fans.
·         Side Wall Vent Systems - Gas Side wall and oil sidewall systems.
·         In-Line Draft Inducers
·         Rooftop Inducers
·         AirShare Transfer Fans - Room-to-Room fan or Level-to-Level
·         Duct Booster Fans - Dryer booster fan or duct booster fan.
·         In-Forcer Systems
·         Enviro-Tech Head Cooling Fans
·         System Specific Products - Boiler/water heater draft, boiler/water heater combustible, central exhaust shaft, multi-family or commercial dryer booster fan, commercial dryer make-up air.
·         Radon Mitigation Fans

The Tjernlund team puts the best products for all of your ventilation needs at your fingertips.  Let us simplify your search for room-to-room fan, crawl space ventilation, and many other products.

Dryer Booster Fans, Rooftop Inducers, and Many More Products

Our focus throughout our lengthy history has always been to provide quality engineered products at reasonable prices.  Our inventory includes ventilation, heating/cooling, exhaust, and draft products for commercial or domestic needs.  Let us offer you easy selection, simple installation, and affordable prices—in one convenient place.  Why rely on anyone else for your ventilation needs?  Thanks to Tjernlund, your search for a new dryer booster fan, room-to-room fan, or crawl space ventilation system just got a lot easier.  Start shopping today and start saving on the best quality products on the market today.

Our commitment to quality extends throughout the Tjernlund experience.  From start to finish, we are always standing by to assist.  Even long after your purchase, our support team is always available to assist with replacement parts, troubleshooting, or other needs.  When you buy from Tjernlund, you will always have assistance when you need it most.  If you value quality and are looking for affordability, we are happy to provide you with everything you need in one convenient place.  Contact the Tjernlund team today to find out more about our diverse product inventory.  We look forward to assisting with your ventilation product needs.  Our contact information follows:


o   Local              (651) 426-2993

o   Toll Free       (800) 255-4208



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