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Duct Booster® Series Register Booster Fans

Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable!
Tjernlund’s Duct Booster® Register Booster Fans increase air flow to rooms that are too hot or too cold. These all metal high velocity register fans increase weak air flow from registers quickly and easily.

  • Whisper quiet operation

    • Low sone cross flow blower (1.4 sones) makes it 50% quieter than buzzing “muffin” fan styles

  • Easy to install

    • Fits flush with carpet and into existing register boot and includes 6’ power cord

    • Switch on or off with low profile rocker switch

  • Blends with any décor

    • Commercial grade, paintable steel grille included

    • Low profile design rests flush with carpet or wood flooring

RB10 - For 4x10 Registers (Brown Grille)
RB12 - For 4x12 Registers (Brown Grille)

RB10W - For 4x10 Registers (White Grille)
RB12W - For 4x12 Registers (White Grille)

Cyclone Series Register Booster Fans

Simply drop into your 4"x10" register and plug in. The unit can be operated manually or based on temperature. In winter, when the room gets too cold the unit will come on to draw more furnace heat to that room. In summer, when the room gets too hot the unit will come on to draw more air conditioning to that room. Click here for video.

  • Installs flush with floor in seconds in any 3"x10" or 4"x10" register boot opening.
  • Operates manually or automatically for any season with a built-in, hidden sensor.
  • Features Sturdy Steel Construction and Grounded Power Cord.
  • Built-in 45 degree turning vanes guide air to the center of the room.
  • 20 Watt Low Energy Cross Flow Blower means its whisper quiet--no annoying buzzing like other fans.
  • 45 CFM, about 300% of typical register air volumes.
CBB - For 3x10 or 4x10 Registers
CBW - For 3x10 or 4x10 Registers
Save on Energy Bills and Increase Comfort!
Register Booster fans are designed to increase the flow of heated air in warm air heating systems or cooled air in central air conditioning systems. These ultra quiet register booster fans are ideal when the duct run serving the room is not accessible to install a standard Tjernlund In-Line Duct Booster® fan. Requiring only about $5 per year to operate, the RB-Series includes power cord and built-in on/off switch. Plugs into standard 115 VAC outlet. Use optional SCP speed control or a remote on/off switch if desired.

Model Voltage Watts Sones RPM CFM
RB10 / RB12 115 20 1.4 1800 75
CBB / CBW 115 18 1.4 1800 45

RB10 Dimensions
RB12 Dimensions

Register Booster Fan Instructions

SCP  Skytech 1315g Wireless Remote Control 
Model SCP Speed Control Wireless Remote Control


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