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Water Heater Backdraft Safety Kit

Protect your family from prolonged CO2 exposure caused by water heater backdrafting with the SAFE1 Water Heater Backdraft Safety Kit.

This safety interlock system protects your family from carbon monoxide poisoning by providing a means to shut down the water heater in the event of flue blockage or down drafts caused by winds or tight home construction. If a water heater does not vent properly it can lead to carbon monoxide production. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide is hazardous and can lead to illness or death.

This kit includes a Tjernlund Linear Limit Spillage Sensor, Thermocouple Junction Adapter and associated hardware. 

How it works:
The Linear Limit Spillage circuit is “normally closed” and will not affect normal appliance operation.

When concentrated combustion gases spill from the draft hood, diverter or barometric control, the Linear Limit Spillage Sensor circuit will open and prevent burner operation. Use the included Thermocouple Junction Adapter to easily connect with your residential gas water heater.


Simple 5 minute installation
  1. Unscrew water heater thermocouple line from bottom of water heater gas valve.
  2. Screw in Thermocouple Junction Adapter (JA1) into bottom of water heater gas valve where thermocouple line was removed from in step 1.
  3. Screw water heater thermocouple line into bottom of Thermocouple Junction Adapter.
  4. Install Linear Limit Spillage Sensor on water heater draft hood, diverter or draft control and connect leads to Thermocouple Junction Adapter.
Linear Limit Spillage Sensor Thermocouple Junction Adapter

This Safety Interlock System may be used on conventional chimney or power vented water heaters equipped with a draft hood, draft diverter or draft control. The Linear Limit Spillage Switch has a 185° set point and a manual reset which requires the pilot to be relit if tripped.



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