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One of the hardest things for homeowners to deal with is the presence of mold and odors in their basements. Often times mold or odors are present without any obvious signs to their source and in the case of mold the homeowner may not even be aware of its presence except for the fact that someone in their home is constantly sick or a person with allergies is having excessive sinus problems. If mold or odors are a problem in your home then you will need to take steps to eliminate them, if you do not have them yet but your basement is damp, basement fans can be purchased to help prevent this problem. While this is only one solution to help prevent moisture problems and their consequences installing basement fans is one the single most affordable and cost effect way you can avoid having a problem with a damp basement.

Moisture can find its way into your basement in a variety of ways, exposed, un-insulated pipes, improperly sealed doors and windows, poor drainage, cracks in your foundation and flooding. As you can see basement fans will not fix all of those problems, but if your problem is minor, fans will go a long ways to keeping your basement dry. You may need to use several different solutions to the water problem in your basement, such as sealing the walls to prevent seepage, installing a sump pump, using a dehumidifier and installing a basement fan. While each solution may not solve the problem in and of itself several solutions together can get the moisture in your basement under control and offer you a solution to mold and odor problems. Basement fans should be installed in an open area in a way that encourages good air flow throughout the basement.

Be sure to eliminate any mold you already have in your basement before using a ventilation fan, since this can cause the mold spores to be spread throughout the basement and even the home and cause even worse health issues than they already do. Eliminating mold can be difficult but there are several good mold products on the market that are designed to get rid of any mold and mildew you have and prevent them from ever coming back. Basement fans will carry the damp air out of your house as well has the odors by using an exhaust system that pulls the moisture out into the air outside your home. While this will not have much effect if you have a lot of water if you can reduce your water problem to nothing more than dampness which is normally what is possible then the use of a ventilation system and a dehumidifier will likely take care of the rest of the problem. If you are looking for basement fans take a look at Tjernlund they offer ventilation fans for the basement and your crawl space and can assist you will all the information you need to choose and install the right fan.


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