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Basement Odors

Any basement can get that musty unused slightly damp smell that just seems to linger and will not go away. However such a smell can irritate allergies, set off sensitive noses and just plain be unpleasant especially if you want to use your basement or are trying to sell your home. You do not need to just accept the fact that your basement smells bad there are things you can do about your basement odors to either make them go away or at the very least reduce them to a tolerable level. The first thing you should do if you are struggling with basement odors is to try to identify the source. Often times it can be as simple as a piece of carpet or a box that has gotten damp and has started to mold.

The smell of mold will linger even when it is dead so even if your basement is otherwise damp the smell may continue to linger on. The obvious solution in a case such as this is to remove the offending objects from your basement and with them will go the smell. If your basement is damp or has mold it is almost certain that you will have basement odors, in cases such as these it is important to deal with the moisture problem before you can remove the odors from your basement. Dealing with moisture problems means two things first you must find the source of the moisture and fix it and then you must find a way to remove excess moisture from the area. One of the most affordable and effective ways to do this is with ventilation fans. These fans perfect for when there is no discernable source of moisture or for when you cannot eliminate all of the damp from your basement. Ventilation fans are also a great way to help take care of those stubborn basement odors especially if you cannot figure out what is causing them. A couple of exhaust fans can do wonders not only for moving the damp air from your basement but also for taking the odors with them.

You may also find that you will need to do some mold removal at this point however before you begin to use fans, to not do so risks moving mold spores throughout your home, and this can cause illness and misery for those with allergies or sinus problems. Mold removal can be accomplished by using an approved fungicide and using it according to the manufacturer's directions. Once you have removed the mold and installed fans to keep your basement dry chances are very good your basement odors should also go away. If they do not, check furniture, carpeting and boxes for any type of dampness and promptly remove them from your basement. Basement odors are normally simple to remove if you know what to look for and how to address the problem that has caused them. If you need ventilation fans to help with your basement odors then check with Tjernlund, they offer ventilation fans for both your basement and your crawlspace.


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