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Tjernlund has been producing oil fired forced air furnaces ever since the late 1930's and customized roof top heating and cooling equipment, such as chimney fans, and in the 1950's Tjernlund extended their range to include products that could be used to eliminate draft problems in roof top units. Seventy-two years later, Tjernlund has launched a range of other products, from ventilation system fans, and have designed a chimney fan that will keep the entire vent system under a negative pressure rating and the chimney fan is the perfect choice for tiled or metal roofs. The chimney fan consists of easy to remove hinged pins and this will allow for the easy installation of the chimney fan, and the easy servicing of the unit. Unlike other types of chimney fans on the market, the Tjernlund chimney fan or roof top inducer has a patented cooling system, which is automatically activated and this allows for the extended lifespan of the motor and the high performance backward inclined impeller of the chimney fan is able to repel soot. In order to view detail specifications of the Tjernlund chimney fan, feel free to visit the Tjernlund website,

The chimney fan can be used effectively for solid fuel fireplaces, stoves, ovens, barbeques as well as general purpose exhaust and the chimney fan is supplied with a wall mount which is able to control the speed of the chimney fan. Yet another innovative feature of the advanced Tjernlund chimney fan is the clam-shell design which is totally unique and as such, when the time arises to service or repair the chimney fan, the contractor is able to flip back the unit and carry out the inspection of service on the chimney fan. Tjernlund's years of experience and the fact that the fourth generation of Tjernlunds are managing and overseeing the Tjernlund manufacturing plants, the family owned operation is determined to provide their clients with the very best quality products, such as the chimney fan, which can be used to prevent flue gas spillage, flame roll outs and at the same time, the chimney fan has proven to effectively increase the lifespan of heating equipment.

Suitable applications for the chimney fan include factories in which the manufacturing processes case a back drafting of heating equipment, confined space installations, restaurant kitchens, and where conversions have been made from electric to gas, or to oil heating appliances. Find out more about the benefits which are offered by the chimney fan and while viewing the benefits, feel free to view the several specialized systems which have been developed by Tjernlund. The specialized ventilation systems include a boiler or water heater draft, where the Tjernlund system has effectively reduced the need for multiple chimneys and has also reduced the diameter of the chimney and has resolved the need for long horizontal vent connectors. To find out more about the company and their years experience in ventilation systems, feel free to visit the informative website.

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