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Crawl Space Ventilation
The Tjernlund company has been manufacturing oil fired forced air furnaces since the late 1930's as well as customized roof top heating and cooling equipment. In the 1950's the company grew their range to include products which could be used to effectively eliminate draft problems in roof top units. Today, seventy-two years later, Tjernlund has launched their crawl space ventilation system which is able to control and reduce moisture and dampness in the crawl space of a building. If you are battling with controlling the moisture in a crawl space, and looking for a product which is able to eliminate crawl space moisture, the Tjernlund website,, will show the crawl space ventilation system. The crawl space ventilation system is a fan system that has been proven to reduce crawl space moisture and should moisture be present in a crawl space, the result will be a damp crawl space and this can lead to many problems, including health problems for the occupants of the home, as well as structural rot that will cause the building to become unstable. In light of the fact that the crawl space ventilation fans are in constant operation, the fans are able to assist with circulation of air and this action is what will reduce the moisture in the crawl space. In addition, however, the crawl space ventilation fan will also help to vent radon, treated wood, off gassing and other odors which may have an effect on the health of the home's occupants.

When going through the specifications of the crawl space ventilation fans, online users are able to browse the other products and specified systems which are manufactured by the Tjernlund Company, via the website. The presence of dampness and moisture in a crawl space allows the area to become the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew and the growth of mold and mildew can cause serious health problems for the occupants of the home. Furthermore, the moisture in a crawl space can lead to structural rot and this will cause a building to become unstable. It is thus vital than an effective crawl space ventilation system be installed. The crawl space ventilation fans manufactured by Tjernlund are available in three different models, which are the model VI, the Model VID and the Model V2D. Complete specifications and details of the models of crawl space ventilation fans may be viewed on the Tjernlund website.

Tjernlund's years of experience in the industry, and since they are fourth generation in managing the manufacturing plants, the family owned operation is committed to providing their clients with the best quality products, like the crawl space ventilation fans which are highly effective in reducing moisture in crawl spaces. The crawl space ventilation fans are only one of the products manufactured by Tjernlund, and the company manufactures several different products, including side wall vent systems, in line draft inducers, rooftop inducers, duct booster fans and in force fresh air intake systems.


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