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Damp Crawl Space
If you are dealing with a damp crawl space in your home, the Tjernlund website,, offers crawl space ventilators which fan systems that will effectively reduce the moisture that is causing the dampness in the crawl space and allow for a healthy home for the occupants and at the same time, protect the stability of the home. Since the fan is in constant operation, it is able to assist with the circulating of the air and in addition to preventing a damp crawl space, the fan will help vent radon, tread wood, off gassing as well as other odors which may cause ill health. When a crawl space is damp, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew and this scenario can have devastating consequences for the home's inhabitants. The crawl space fans which are offered by Tjernlund are offered in three varying models, which are the model VI, the Model VID and the Model V2D. The specifications of each fan model can be viewed on the Tjernlund website and buyers will be able to decide on the correct model of fans which is best suited to their crawl space.

Tjernlund is not only able to offer fans which stop damp crawl spaces, but we offer several different products, which include side wall vent systems, in line draft inducers, rooftop inducers, as well as duct booster fans and in force fresh air intake systems. These systems have been designed to offer many advantages. The website will give online users the chance to find out more about the products manufactured by Tjernlund. If you have a damp crawl space in your home, be sure to find out more about the crawl space ventilator fan systems which have been designed to effectively remove the moisture from the area which is causing the damp in the crawl space. Tjernlund has been manufacturing oil fired forced air furnaces since 1938, as well as customized roof top heating and cooling equipment. Twenty years later in the 1950's the company expanded their range to include products which could eliminate draft problems in roof top units.

With their vast experience in the industry, the fourth generation of Tjernlunds is managing the manufacturing plants, and like their forefathers, the family is committed to offering the best quality products, like the ventilator fans which will eliminate a damp crawl space. While viewing the specifications of the ventilator fans used to reduce moister and prevent damp crawl spaces, online users are free to view the several other products and specified systems which are manufactured under the banner of Tjernlund via the website. The powered crawl space ventilators are brand new products in the Tjernlund range and the ventilators have been manufactured with built in freeze protectors, and have proven to be highly effective in stopping dampness in a crawl space, and in preventing structural rot. View the other new products offered, which include the air share room-to-room ventilators and the no clog residential dryer duct booster fan.


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