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Dryer Boosting Fan

Have you recently noticed that your dryer is taking longer and longer to dry a load of clothes? If so you may need to check your dryer hose for lint build up that is blocking the moisture from leaving the hose. You may want to consider installing a dryer boosting fan to help prevent your dryer hose from becoming blocked and slowing down your dryer. In some homes the dryer may be located up to twenty five feet from where the vent is designed to release the moisture and hot air from the home. While you are drying your laundry the moisture is causing the lint to stick to itself as well as the hose which is what causes the blockage. However if you install a dryer boosting fan you may not have that problem as this fan will help keep the moisture and air flowing at a decent rate so that it has less of a chance to stick to the inside of your hose and clog it.

For a large family who does a lot of laundry it can be hard to watch your dryer time slowly increase as this can mean that you will eventually start doing less and less laundry. When you have young children, you know the importance of having clean clothes always on standby and a free washer to quickly be able to wash items that have been spit up on or had food spilled on and when your dryer starts taking longer to dry this can pose problems with this process. However if you install a dryer boosting fan in your dryer hose you will be able to experience shorter drying times no matter how many loads you dry. If you would like to try this system it would be wise of you to conduct some research before you purchase this product. Most people, especially in the current economy, are working on a budget and it is essential to try and set a budget for this product and then stick to it so that you are not taking money from other bills.

Not to mention that there are plenty of companies that offer this type of product and your research may help you determine which companies may produce a more quality dryer boosting fan. Since quality is just as important as price, your research will help you find both of these important aspects. If you have already conducted an abundance of research into this product and still have not found a good quality dryer blowing fan for a decent price you may not have found Tjernlund. This company strives to provide quality parts for decent prices. Not to mention if you purchase this product from this company you will be receiving a five year no clog, no maintenance guarantee. So if you are tired of constantly having to clean your dryer hose go ahead and call this company today and order one of these fans and you will be surprised at the difference you will notice in your dryer.


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