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Dryer vent fans play an important part in the energy efficiency and drying time you get from your appliances. At, you will find the products you need to get the desired results for all of your ventilation needs. Whether you have a single dryer in your residence that won't get your clothes dry or if you have a multi-dryer residential or business site where there is also a lint problem in addition to the long drying time, dryer vent fans can help you dry clothes faster and prevent the lint buildup.

It isn't always convenient to place a clothes dryer in the location of your home where it will work the most efficiently. That's why they may be placed in an area where they can't get the job done. Moist air may not be able to exit the dryer and carry the exhaust to the outside. The entire drying process may be bogged down. If your dryer's vent run is more than twenty-five equivalent feet, adding one of the dryer vent fans from can help improve the performance of your dryer. At the same time, it will eliminate the amount of lint that is built up and the potential fire hazard that exists because it is associated with it.

The Dryer Duct Booster surpasses all existing dryer vent fans and has lots of amazing features. The blower wheel is unlike inline tubeaxial fans which can become clogged with lint. The Lint Blitzer wheel is specially designed to repel lint while providing optimum air velocity. It has a five year no clog, maintenance free guarantee to put your mind at ease! You save energy as well by operating only when the dryer is in use. There is a permanently lubricated motor positioned out of the air stream for maximum motor life. Simple installation is in both vertical and horizontal ducts. You can use dryer vent fans to eliminate the problem of reduced air velocity which causes increased drying time, increased energy use, and an increase in lint build-up in ductwork that is produced in exhaust duct lengths that are in excess of twenty-five feet.

The Dryer Duct Booster maintains proper exhaust velocity in duct runs up to 100 equivalent feet optimizing your dryer's performance. Unlike other dryer vent fans that can become clogged with lint and have to be cleaned regularly, the Dryer Duct Booster has an externally located motor and Lint Blitzer blower wheel which means you can expect maximum performance with zero maintenance. The dryer vent fans can conveniently be installed in any mounting orientation. There are different models of the Dryer Duct Booster available and you can read about each at

Using dryer vent fans can be an important step in saving energy, reducing lint, and reducing the potential for fire. Not all fans are created equally, however, and Tjernlund should be the first company you turn to for any of your ventilation needs. Their products are USA made and are backed with the service you need to insure you get the right part for the job.


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