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Tjernlund Products is a four-generation family-owned business that provides quality engineered and manufactured products to solve exhaust, ventilation and heating/cooling problems. They offer the technical support needed to ensure their products are easy for you to select and install and are dedicated to serving your special exhaust and ventilation needs. If you are looking for dryer venting for your home or business operation, they have the right choice for you. For instance, their Modulating Dryer Venting systems help to increase efficiency and reduce energy use by automatically adjusting exhaust based on the number of dryers that are in use.

This special type of dryer venting helps eliminate some of the problems experienced from other types of venting. When commercial clothes dryers are common vented, the exhaust from one dryer fight another. The same problem exists in residential high rises that have multiple dryers but do not have individual exhaust vents. The solution is found with CPC-3 controlled inducers and blowers that modulate to perfectly exhaust common vented clothes dryers, regardless of the number of dryers operating. They automatically compensate for the changing pressures, temperatures and winds. Controlled exhaust results in faster drying laundry.

Dryer venting can be expensive when you supply individual vents for multiple dryers. They may even be impossible to install in multi-story buildings. Often, the laundry room locations will force exhaust vent lengths to exceed the dryer manufacturers' recommendations. Using CPC-3 controlled exhaust vents can run hundreds of feet in any direction and vent diameter can be reduced by up to 50%.

Another problem with dryer venting is in homes where the dryers are installed in areas where they are unable to work effectively. This results from moist air that cannot effectively exit the dryer and exhaust to the outside and then bogs down the entire drying process. When a dryer's vent is more than twenty-five equivalent feet or if it is experiencing long drying time, you may need to add a dryer booster fan to improve the dryer venting system. The Dryer Duct Booster can also reduce the potential fire hazard associated with lint buildup. The Dryer Duct Booster maintains proper exhaust velocity in duct runs up to 100 equivalent feet in order to optimize the performance of your dryer. You will find the Dryer Duct Booster, which surpasses all existing dryer duct fans, at

A dryer venting system from Tjernlund can eliminate problems with lint and cut your heating bills at the same time. In areas where there are multiple stories and multiple driers, lint may be spread throughout the system. A modulating fan added to the roof can stop lint leakage and reduce the loss of heat therefore decreasing your electric bills. has the answers you need for dryer venting and other types of problems. They have a vast amount of information on their website about the different types of products to use in different situations. They offer all the products you need to solve your dryer venting problems and the support you need to keep them working right for you.


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