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Through The Wall Fan is your source for ventilation equipment including a through the wall fan that is affordable, easy to install and reliable. By using side-wall venting, you have no chimney/chase, more living space, increased safety and efficiency, and lower installation costs. You will enjoy easy, one-person installation with no re-installation assembly required. Units attach to all classes of standard vent pipe. You will save on expensive installation or repair of chase and chimney by side wall venting. A through the wall fan will also provide you with greater interior layout flexibility.

The venting for your heating appliances doesn't have to go through the roof. Tjernlund systems with the through the wall fan have proven to be superior to other types of venting alternatives in more than one million installations. SideShot vent systems may be installed with zero clearance to combustible, increasing your options for location opportunities which include installation between floor joists for above-grade termination. The through the wall fan ventilation system from Tjernlund Products has a patented high velocity exhaust. All gases and soot are propelled by jet action from the exhaust hood to prevent staining of the building exterior.

A through the wall fan will also be more energy efficient. A moderate, regulated on-cycle draft is created for optimum burner efficiency and blocks heat loss to outdoors during off-cycle periods. Chimneys notorious for heat less are eliminated. Also, since through the wall fans do not touch joists or subfloor, they provide you with a quieter operation. A special vibration absorbing wall-mounting bracket reduces the operating noise to a minimum. The SideShot1 was developed and introduced by Tjernlund in 1990 and revolutionized the way many heating systems were vented during that time. It is still a popular choice for larger burners and venting of multiple heaters.

The through the wall fan has mechanical and electrical parts that can easily be accessed from the inside, away from potential damaging cold and wet weather. It is made to use with natural draft oil and gas heating equipment and automatically vents the flue gases from heating equipment to the outdoors. The combustible surfaces surrounding it and the exhaust gases are all kept at a safe temperature when the outdoor air is pulled into the casing so that it is mixed with the flue gases during operation.

Even the controls on the Tjernlund Venter make the through the wall fan a safer way of using your chimney. For one, the UC1 control interlocks with the burner and monitors vent system safeties. The Pressure Switch monitors draft and detects outlet blockages while the High Limit interrupts the burner if the unit casing exceeds safe temperatures. The SideShot2 is another option available to you. This is an innovative design that has extensive research and development behind it involving the use of heating contractors and end users. It is a simple and practical model with built-in features that take through the wall fan venting to a higher level. Learn more about these and the other ventilating products at


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