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Tjernlund Products is a four-generation, family-owned business that provides their customers with quality engineered and manufactured products to solve their exhaust, ventilation, and heating/cooling problems. Their success relies on the technical support they provide and the products they make that are easy to select and install. They are dedicated to serving all of their customers' special exhaust and ventilation needs. They offer a variety of products that are all made in the USA, including their transfer fans.

Transfer fans can be used to transfer air from one location to another or from room to room. At Tjernlund, you will find the In-Forcer combustion air intakes that are packaged systems engineered to provide controlled, interlocked combustion air. By using one of these transfer fans, wall or roof opening size can be reduced by up to 80% compared to conventional metal louvers. The In-Forcers include matching, low profile intake hoods that can be mounted on either a roof or sidewall. You use small diameter duct to deliver outdoor air up to 100 feet away from the intake hood and the system complies with Mechanical Code requirements for combustion air supply.

You can use In-Forcer transfer fans in virtually all mechanical room locations. It can be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet from the intake hood so even isolated mechanical rooms can easily be supplied with outdoor combustion air. You have the ability to conduct cold outdoor air through standard ducts and diffusers at ceiling level, allowing the air to be tempered as it drops to the floor so that cold spots are eliminated in the Mechanical Room. There is also a further reduction in mechanical room noise transfer to the outside due to there being no direct wall opening.

There are a number of applications where transfer fans like the In-forcers can be used. For instance, in restaurant kitchens with negative pressure that is caused by exhaust fans. Other areas include interior mechanical rooms that have no direct access to an outside wall and for conversions from electric to gas or oil heating appliances. In laundries, dry cleaners, indoor pools, and similar areas where there is a chemically contaminated atmosphere, transfer fans can take contaminated air away and replace it with fresh outdoor air. You can also use them in confined space installations, below grade mechanical rooms, and factories where processes cause back drafting of heating equipment.

In comparison to standard louvers, transfer fans will improve the building's exterior appearance by reducing the size of wall openings up to 80%. This eliminates the need for extra support around the opening that is much more expensive from labor and materials than the total installed cost of an In-Forcer. It is also designed with a low profile hood that blends into a sidewall or roof line and keeps out wind and rain. To learn more about the transfer fans available from Tjernlund and what they can do to improve you home or business, visit Whether you need to transfer air from one room to another or you want to bring the outside air to the indoors, they have what you need.


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