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 Santek Electronic Air Cleaners (Discontinued Product)

Indoor Air Quality affects everyone.
Since the energy crunch of the 1970's more efficient building standards and retrofit weatherproofing have led to reduced infiltration rates that are harmful to your health.  While outdoor air is kept out, polluted indoor air is sealed in with you!
Indoor air quality has a significant impact on your health.
Considering we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, we can guarantee you that indoor air pollution is affecting you.  Everyday you are surrounded by indoor air pollutants including; pollen, tobacco and cooking smoke, dust, mites, dander, spores, viruses, and off-gasing from building materials and furnishings.  In fact, indoor air quality is such a concern that the EPA has noted that it is a priority issue for the new millennium.  If you or anyone you know frequently experiences watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, tiredness or sinus problems it may be time for Santek to give you a "breath of fresh air".
Smart investment
Santek series of electronic air cleaners are an effective method for controlling indoor air quality problems by removing pollutants and odors from commercial establishments and work areas.  Heating and cooling costs can be reduced since air can be cleaned and recirculated.
Santek can save you money.
Electronic air cleaners increase productivity and reduce absenteeism by filtering airborne pollutants such as pollen, bacteria and viruses.  Commercial establishments can create an inviting environment for their customers and employees.  Non-Smoking sections can become truly smokeless.  Cooking odors from kitchens and vending areas can be eliminated.  Cleaning of offices and maintenance on office equipment such as computers, photocopiers and fax machines can be reduced.  A fresh atmosphere for all will lead to better employee productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Santek Electronic Air Cleaners provide a breath of fresh air

We remove particles 88,000 times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Standard air filters clean only a small percentage of the air we breathe.  Tobacco and cooking smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses flow straight through standard filters and are recirculated into the air.  Santek electronic air cleaners remove up to 95% of airborne particles with a four stage filtration process.

Four stage filtration helps to remove dust, smoke & odors that standard filters can't.

STAGE 1: Aluminum mesh or polyester pre-filter removes larger particles to reduce electronic collecting cell maintenance and to extend life of activated carbon filter.
STAGE 2: Smaller particles pass through pre-filter to the ionizing section where they receive an electrical charge.
STAGE 3: Electronic collecting cell attracts charged particles and collects them on oppositely charged plates, like a high powered electromagnet.
STAGE 4: Activated carbon filter adsorbs most of the remaining particles, removing residual odors before finally recirculating 95% cleaner air back into interior space.


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